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Easy to Learn Brutally Effective Moves •Fight Tricks and Techniques that work in a Real Street Fights•Target Awareness•Devastating Fight Enders•Instant Feeling of Self Confidence•Learn to Fight and WIN•No Years of Training Complex Moves that DON’T Work•No Nonsense Fight Moves•So Simple anyone can make them work Regardless of size or strength •Easy to Learn no special knowledge needed•Devastatingly Effective proven to work in Real Street Situations•Gain an Instant Advantage•Inflict Unbearable Pain•Put away an Attacker in Seconds

In today's World Self Defense is not just taking a Karate class or an MMA class. Self Defense in Reality Based situations is a Science that we have carefully studied and adapted so that it works in Real Street Self Defense Situations using our "Unique and Practical Teaching and Training Methodology"Knowing you can handle yourself in any physical situation means you carry yourself differently. If you believe your life is worth fighting for, you’re more likely to stand up and speak up for yourself in all areas of your life.We offer dynamic, empowering personal safety training. Our classes include assertiveness and awareness skills, boundary-setting, verbal strategies, and full-force physical assailant defense throughout the Chicago area.Our training gives students the skills to avoid assault, if possible, and to physically defend themselves if necessary. It puts students in touch with their innate power regardless of size, strength, fitness or (dis)ability level. We are women and men working together to end violence in our society.

Individually Tailored Self Defense Classes, custom Tailored for each Group.Self Defense is NOT one size fits all our programs and courses are a little different for each group i.e. moms, college students, men, children. Most self defense classes are based on Traditional Martial Arts and DO NOT address the TRUTH about what really works in the street under STRESS.Our programs teach you how to Shut Down an Assailant Quickly regardless of Size.Our Programs will teach you basic, simple, easy to learn techniques that you can use under the most stressful situations with confidence.

 Standup Street Fighting on the Ground or with Weapons involved we have you covered!!!"Techniques to Destroy Your Attacker•The best self-defense targets to aim for on the human body•The best stance to be in any self defense scenario•Choke holds to finish your opponent – FAST•Ways to catch your opponent off-guard in a street fight•Explosive close range fighting tactics•Devastating combinations using all of your bodily weapons (hands, feet, knees, elbows headbutts etc)•How to escape the most common holds including  chokes•How to take anyone to the ground in under 3 seconds•How to gain maximum power on all your strikes•Tactics against multiple attackers for street fighting•Proper use of improvised and common weapons•Defense against common and improvised weapons•Drills for speed and accuracy"NOT ALL FIGHTS GO TO THE GROUND""90 percent of all fights eventually end up on the ground according to an LAPD study."The most important thing to do is, if you go to the ground in a real street fight  get back up at all costs!!!THINGS YOU NEED IF YOU MUST GROUND FIGHT:•·  How to properly fall if you are pushed or knocked to the ground. •·  Basic ground positions. The best and fastest ways to position your body on the ground.•·  Kicking  from the ground against a standing opponent. •·  What to do if your opponent grabs your legs or ankles while you are down. •·  Effective Street Takedowns.•·  Defending against side attacks.•·  Defending your back from the rear attack when on the ground.•·  Defending against chokes and punches while being mounted .•·  Defending against takedownsGround Fighting on the Streets is REAL & "hard-core"  you must know to survive and WIN on the streets! This is real world ground fighting. This is not a sport its mean and dirty!In self defense situations there are no rounds and street fights rarely last more than a few seconds. No real street confrontation ever lasts as long as an MMA match. Strategic Street Defense is a system meant to be hard, fast and nasty. The goal is to cause the maximum amount of pain FAST to end the assault.

 MMA IS NOT FOR STREET SELF DEFENSE​ MMA as seen and made popular by the UFC is not at all what is needed for Self Defense on the Street. In a Real Street Fight your Assailant or Attacker may have weapons or be accompanied by his Friends and that Changes the Game completely. The entire GAME or Street Fight is Based on the Attacks that may occur need to be trained because you will fight the way you train, by the time an MMA trained fighter figures out that there are no Rules, Referee or controlled atmosphere it is Probably TOO LATE!!!The BIGGEST and NICEST thing about the Ring is you or your Corner man or the Referee can STOP the Fight, NOT the case on the Street.                                         DO NOT CONFUSE A SPORT IN A RING FOR A FIGHT ON THE STREET!!! Using the Proper Strategies which are to Train to Defend Against Weapons, Against Multiple Attackers, Against Dirty tactics and to Train Dirty Brutal Techniques is the ONLY way to Survive on the Street!!!In our Extreme Self Defense program at ELITE FIGHTING ARTS we teach the best hand to hand fighting skills from the Martial Arts proven to be superior in the ultimate testing field. We also teach how to evade and avoid situations before they become a physical confrontation.When fighting does happen your life may be on the line, or even worse, the life of a loved one may be in danger. In this program we teach you how to fight and survive by any means necessary. We focus on all possible situations and address many things including hand to hand combat, weapons, and multiple attackers.After just a few short Extreme Self Defense classes  you will be well on your way to mastering the crucial techniques you need in order to survive a life-threatening attack.Using a variety of Martial Arts and techniques you will learn to protect yourself in hand-to-hand combat with larger opponents in addition to disarming weapons from an attacker.Taught by our highly skilled instructor, our Extreme Self Defense classes teach our students how to manage stressful conflicts while getting in shape so they are conditioned to use those skills effectively. Students of this class learn varying techniques, from rapid-fire punches to powerhouse kicks, and defense against chokes, grabs, and bearhugs.


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